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In ayurvedic treatment for hair loss emphasis is given for natural substances for the cure of the issue. In addition to the many herbal and other natural remedies which the ayurveda provides, the system also relies on spiritual endeavors like meditation and asanas. In ancient India when there was no allopathic medicine, the country used to depend on this system of medicine. After the onslaught of western modes of medicines people of India moved away from Ayurvedic medicine for seeking immediate relief from allopathic system of medication. Eyova egg oil has brought a new natural product from the yolk of raw eggs. The eggs were also mentioned as cure for the hairs since ancient time. This hair loss treatment with natural ingredients of egg yolk has become very popular with the people at large. The product has been manufactured according to the principles of ayurveda. The egg oil contains no chemicals. It is full of natural bioactive ingredients of egg yolk. The only difference which is brought in is that instead of using the raw yolk, egg oil has been extracted in a scientific way so that all the qualities of the ingredients of egg yolk are retained. The egg oil can conveniently be used on the scalp with no bad smell. Light odor has been added but that also goes away within one or two days.

The application of the egg oil on the scalp

The egg oil, which is a thick oil of mustard yellow color, can be comfortably used on the scalp. It is to be applied with the help of the fingers on the scalp. The scalp is to be massaged softly with the egg oil spreading the egg oil evenly all over the scalp. After massaging the scalp for ten minutes you have to leave it for a minimum period of three hours for soaking of the egg oil into the scalp skin.

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