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Effective Hair Loss Treatments

If you are looking for effective tips that can help you reduce hair loss, we are sure that this post will interest you. In this post, we will guide you with natural tips that will help you prevent hair loss.

Hot oil treatment

You can choose any natural oil and heat it up slightly to massage it gently into your scalp. Use a shower cap and leave your hair for an hour before you shampoo your hair.

Head massage

Most of us have tried it, and we are sure that it does work. So, start massaging your scalp for a couple of minutes on a daily basis and feel good about it. Massaging your head will help stimulate circulation. Circulation in the scalp helps in keeping hair follicles active.


It is a good idea to apply warm green tea on your scalp and leave it for an hour before you rinse your hair. Green tea is suggested because it contains antioxidants that will prevent hair loss and, at the same time, boost your hair growth.

Natural juices

You have the option to rub your scalp with natural juices like Ginger juice, garlic juice, or even onion juice. These natural juices should be rubbed overnight and washed thoroughly in the morning.


One might not agree, but the fact is that place is one of the biggest reasons because of which we are faced with issues like hair loss. With this being said, meditation will help because it reduces stress and tension and, at the same time, restores hormonal balance.

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